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Claymation Project Discussion by Shoshana Z., period 2

My Claymation experience was great. Our Claymation was about a little man in the forest who encounters a snake and makes some new friends. In the video, he takes a drive and the forest disappears. When he comes back, he finds the snake again and they say goodbye. We had a general idea of what we wanted as soon as we heard about the project. I think the most challenging part was when we had to copy and paste every clip three times because the frames weren’t there for long enough and you couldn’t really see a lot of the claymation. And we thought of other things as we went along, like other people, a car and foliage. We just thought about what would jazz the project up a bit and that’s where we got our ideas. We worked very well together, and we all had good group mojo. The advantages we had as a group is that max is amazing with technological stuff and he helped us out. Also, because there were a lot of people, we got done quickly. We did not really have any problems except for when we had to redo the ending because we put last names. I particularly enjoyed the actual making of the clay figures, because it was the most fun part. I would make the ending credits a little neater. I had a very positive experience with Claymation, and it was fun! After we finished Mr. Goldstein showed us something called white board animation, where you draw things on a white board and film it using iStop motion. We did two, one about a little man and the tree near his house. Our other one was about a man who came out of box, and took a nap. I think this was another great way to do animation. I think that claymation is fun and anybody who does it will have a great time!

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