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Claymation Project Discussion by Joe B., period 2

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Our Claymation is about a fish named Sim who can fly. We came up with this idea as we went along because we had no idea on how we were going to get the characters to talk but we, in the end, used closed captioning in the lower left hand side. Ideas, like the one described, were made due to lack of filming and we could not, try as we might, make it shorter. We, through these ups and downs, did eventually get along and contributed an adequate amount of effort into the equation. We sometimes did not know how to carry about this but we normally went along with the ideas of our teammates. For example, the sound was too long so I suggested we add in text to the video. This also allowed us to add music to our Claymation. I particularly enjoyed doing the voices even though we never used them they allowed us to express ourselves in a verbal manner. What was challenging was trying to have a steady hand so the spaceship we used does not move that much because we needed to keep our hands out of the shot. What I think went well was the animation though they did not make the characters look alive we barely had to stop and retake a shot. I would like the characters to be more alive so perhaps we could have fit the voices in because the voices were the best part of the movie in my opinion. If you want to see this movie with out searching for it, you should go to the Palm Beach County Vodcast sever and type in The Adventures of Sim the Flying Fish. =()

The Adventures of Sim, The Flying Fish

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