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Claymation Project Discussion by Ainis, period 6

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Our Claymation was about an astronaut going to Mars and finding an alien. After the astronaut finds the alien they start fighting and when the astronaut throws the alien down he runs away and flies away from the alien. The alien follows the astronaut and they both crash. We came up with the idea by thinking about space and we thought about what is going to happen as we worked. We just started thinking about situations what would happen and every day we just thought of something new. We worked very well as a team, but we had a few arguments about the Claymation. The benefits of working as a team were we each had a job and the jobs helped. We also had more ideas about making the claymation. The problems were that we couldn’t pick what would we would do. We also had some arguments. We worked out the problems by voting what we would do or picking out what would be better. I enjoyed making the clay figures and seeing the movie after we made it. The challenging thing that we found was starting filming because we didn’t know what to press and what to do when something bad happened. The things that went well were we got to finish the Claymation on time and working as a team. If we had to do this again I would improve the movie topic and improving the clay figures. We would also add a new background and more of the backgrounds.

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