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Claymation Project Discussion by Jeffrey B., period 3

My Claymation is about worms getting chased around by balls. We came up with the idea when Remy said that we should do something simple. We just went along doing what ever we wanted. It worked well, having fun with my friends. We worked well as a team. One benefit was getting done faster. One problem was agreeing on the idea. We took a vote. When we voted we all voted for the same cause. Molding the clay was fun in the project. We molded balls and worms. One thing I found challenging was getting along with each other. But in the end we all got along. The claymation came out great we had great ideas, in one scene a cat came out and left a red blob which he then ate. I had a great time I enjoyed the project the best part was molding the clay. We all had a great time.

Ball and Worm

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