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Claymation Project Discussion by Diamond A., period 2

Our claymation is about famous people dancing on Sesame Street. We have Beyonce, Micheal Jackson, David Artchula and Brittney Spears dancing on Sesame Street. We didn’t come up with the idea in advance. All of us figured it out at the starting point. We put all our ideas together as we worked. It was fun because each time I had an idea someone had something better. How we came up with the idea is each person wanted someone famous in the video. So we all picked one person we wanted. And we do not know who came up with the idea but we just wanted them to dance on Sesame Street. Our team really worked good together. I like working together as a team because you don’t have to work by yourself. We got into some problems because we did not want all the same thing but we all wanted the video to look good. We worked out our problems so that we all picked one thing and if one person did this the other did that. My favorite part of the video is making the people. I found making the video as long as 60 seconds was hard because it seemed to long for me. I think making the ideas for the Claymation went well. I would work on making the video longer.

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