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wolf face Emily T.


Zambie apocalipse by Matteo K.

Move with the arrow keys up down left right to help your character and punch with a. Please help this survivor survive the different waves of Zombies.

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Wolf Run Cycle By Emily T.

A simple running cycle.

Enjoy this somewhat smooth animation Please don’t hate first good animation also don’t steal my art if you want to copy give credits to me please and thanks.

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Wolf Run Cycle By: Emily.T

A simple wolf run cycle

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Monkey Cross by Jakob S. Logan A. Chandler F.

The object of the game is to get to the other side with out getting hit by the other cars. Use the arrow keys to move your monkey. You have three lives though so you can regenerate 3 times before completely die.

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Lava Dodge Alex T.

Use the arrow and ad keys to control the monkeys and try to stay away from the droplet of lava

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Amon’s adventurous year

This is a slideshow of Amon’s adventurous year. A lot of things happened that changed his life forever. He’s happy now, but this is his story. Enjoy!

Rainbow Project by Austin S.

it is a rainbow project that has 4 dots that has different codes on each sprite

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AD DESTROYER By Dennis B., Bryceton C., Brady D.

Mouse to aim
Space to shoot
(On the title, you must click the word play, not just the scope.


Move the soccer players with the WASD keys (player 1) and arrow keys (players 2) move the ball by hitting it. If you hit the outside the green you will go back to the middle.

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