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Asteroids by Michael G


Try to survive by shooting the asteroids with energy balls, using “W” “A” “S” “D” keys to move your ship and space bar to shoot, you will get additional points for each asteroid you destroy, each score pointy will count as 1 more second, is the timer runs out you loose, if you get hit by an asteroid you also loose.

See the code:


Asteroids by Matteo K., period 6


Dodge all the asteroids! A lonely space man is stranded in space when he drives into a asteroid cluster. Take control and save him!
space= blast in direction of mouse

See my code!


Taco Dodge by Michael B. Jillian B.

1. Click the green flag to begin

2. Use the mouse to move the cat in the direction you choose.

3. Have Fun!!!

We made this game with 4 sprites: 3 taco sprites and a flying cat sprite. To make the cat move we simply made it follow the mouse pointer. We then made it so the tacos clone themselves to make the game harder.

Made by Jillian B. and Michael B.

See our code

Milan and Lenny-Jelly Soccer

Player 1 Controls: Left, Up, Right Arrow Keys

Player 2 Controls: A,D, and Spacebar Keys

Notes and Credits:

First, we set up the sprites(Player 1, and Player 2, Soccer ball, and Goals). Second, we set movement coding in order for the Players to move. Then, we set up the soccer ball to move when it is hit. Finally, we set up sensing for the goals and a variable in order for players to make goals.




Matthew and Malachi- News Animation Per 6

This is a animation news show! Thanks to Valyncia and Gabby.

Thank you Mr. Goldstein for microphone.

See Our code:


Nicholas C. and Mia V. Art Show period 6

You can do auto play or hit the right or left arrow.


See our code


The objective of the game is to get the monkey to retrieve the bananas. To make the monkey jump use the key space press, and to make the monkey go from right to left (vise versa) use the key press arrows ( right and left) .

We were inspired by the “Cat Double Jump” game by Al Swagger from Invent with Scratch.

See our code

Kayla and Morgan exam -gallery

Kayla and Morgan made a gallery for our exam project. What you have to do for each slide is to press the right arrow to progress to the next slide and hit the left arrow to go back a slide. There is music addressed to each slide picture.

See our code

Art Gallery By Isabella, Angelica, Ashley

Welcome to our Gallery of Arts Nature Edition!
To start, click the screen to go to the next slide!

Made by Ashley, Angelica, Isabella

We also want to thank Google for inspiring us to use the code that is used with our artwork.

See our code

THE DOG LOVE STORY~Dori Kabelik and Izabella Genslak


Help Charlie the bulldog find Lola the poodle.
By Dori K. and Izabella G.




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