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Student’s Tears


In order to win, you must use the right and left arrow keys to control the FINALS sprite to avoid the tears of the STUDENT.
The STUDENT’s score starts at 50. Every second, it drops by one point.
If STUDENT’s score reaches zero, the FINALS sprite wins.
However, if the FINALS sprite touches a tear, then the score increases.
If STUDENT’s score reaches one hundred, STUDENT wins the game.

This project was made by Channing C. and Zahira B.

Rainbow line drawing by: Jason,Niko p.5


Niko and Jason used a video tutorial to program this amazing project look and see.

Running Away By Alex A. and Michael B. Period 3


Objective: Don’t let he catch you before you get the 4 notes.

Controls: wasd

Double click flag to start

Orb By: Clara W. Sofie T. Period 3


Objective: The objective of the game is to make the blue bear touch the flying orb. This is a two player game.
Blue Bear Keys: Up arrow, Down arrow, Left arrow, and Right arrow

Flying Orb: The Flying Orb is following the mouse

Memory Gobo By:Gabby L. And Sari K.

First, you click the gobo that appears on the screen.Than memorize the pattern and try to conquer each level by solving each pattern.


PlayLab from Hour of Code – a game programmed by Nicholas D., p2





The invaders of Puffer Pigs, by Jordana G., age 7


This game was programmed during the Hour of Code.


My first program by Jordana G.

Take the cat on an adventure!   Use the arrow keys to move.  Press a to hear a message from the cat.  Press j if you want to know what the cat is.  You can go on many magical adventures.

Laser Cat by McKenzie M., p6

You are laser cat who followers the mouse pointer and has to run from evil spores. if space bar clicked your costume changes, but its just for fun and has no effect on the game.

Cave Dragon by: William H P6

Get to the end by guiding the dragon with your mouse and don’t touch the black spikes.

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