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Links for Flash Final Exam Project


A – Skateboard Project – Drawings Tools, Layers, Frame by Frame Animation


B. – Skateboard Project – Importing Sounds


C. Skateboard Project – Inserting a Scene


D. Skateboard Project – Creating a Movie Clip

Flash Skateboard Project – Actionscript for playing music

_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“mySound_mc”, 10);
mySound = new Sound(mysound_mc);

The Underground by: Elyse P., Diana M., Hanna


Use the arrow keys to move. The objective of the game is to make it back to the surface. This is the game intro. We may add on later.

Click here to see our code!



Rollercoaster By Reese C. and Daya J.



Press the flag to watch.


See our code!

Dog VS Cats by Laura G, Malik D, Kalissa A


Race to the yellow block in the bottom to win.

use keys awsd (dog) and arrows (cat).

Make sure not to touch the black lines around the colored blocks. If touched you will be placed back to the beginning.

See our code!

The world’s hardest game by Nick D., Xavier B. and A


The controls to the game are : Use the arrow keys to move
The objective is to reach the opposite green area.


See our code!

Kick Returner By: David. H, Judah. A, and Andrew. B


The object of the game is to score as many points as possible. Use the arrow keys to move and doge the defender. If the defender touches you get “Tackled” then you start back from your side of the field or your end zone.You can also set your mode easy or hard. HAVE FUN!!


Credits at beginning of the game. Thank you for playing!


See our code!

Fish vs Diver – Naija R


The fish follows the mouse, move the fish to avoid divers for as long as possible.


See my code!

Falling Balls by Ethan M. Alex E. Bruno L.


You move by using the up,down,right and left arrow keys.
The goal is to get the highest score by touching the footballs.
If the football touches the ground you LOSE.

See our code!

Tron by Kevin S. Paulo L. Michael L.


Use WASD to move the plane on the left and use the arrow keys to move the plane on the right.

The object of the game is for the other plane to cross or touch your line.


See our code!

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