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Welcome to Mr. Goldstein’s Technology Class! Illustration by Luke J. and Baylee J.

Welcome to Mr Goldstein's Technology



Final Exam Study Guide – 4th Quarter

Final Exam Study Guide/Tracking Sheet

 (Due by the end of the period, Friday, May 29, 2015. Place a copy of the Flash file (the red icon) in the class period folder in the folder called “Submit Flash Final Exam”

(Step-by-step screencasts are in your Edline, in the “Links” section, and are also in your class folder, in a folder called “Incompetech.com Royalty-Free music”)


Project Description:  Design a three-scene movie with a title scene, main scene and credits.


______Hand in Team sheet (1 or 2 people on a team) with choice of what you are doing.  If you are doing your own movie, have it approved by the teacher first.  (10 points)


______Create a scene with at least two layers with content in each layer and frame by frame animation.  (25 points)

______Import sound effects from Sound.Bible.com and use in your movie.  (10 points)


_______Create a title scene with (25 points, see details below):


                ______Multiple layers (5 points)


              _______Frame by frame animation (5 points)


             ________A stop action at the end of the Title scene (5 points)


            _________A button that plays the rest of the movie when clicked. (10 points)


_______Create a movie clip that has simple animation and use somewhere in your movie. (10 points)


________Import music from Incompetech.com (royalty-free) and add it to your movie so that it plays in the background.  This is in our class folder in a folder called “Flash Project Resources”)

(10 points)

________(10 points)  Created an animated credits scene with:


________Created by (your name.  No last names)

_________Sound effects by: (write the name of the person who created the sound effects from soundbible.com)

          _________Music:  Kevin MacLeod



Final Exam Study Guide/Project Checklist


Team Sheet

Names of People on your team (you can work by yourself or with one partner)






Idea for your Flash animation movie:

(You can either complete the animation we are doing together in class, or pick your own idea, subject to approval by the teacher).


________Skateboard Project


________(Your own idea. Tell what your idea is, and hand this sheet in to the teacher)











The Painting Dove by Samantha M P4

This game is a drawing game similar to “Etch and Sketch” and was made on a programming platform called Scratch.  To move the dove, use the arrow keys.  Up arrow key for up, left arrow key for left, down arrow key for down, and right arrow key for right.  Use combinations of left and up; left and down; right and up; and right and down to move in diagonals.  As the dove moves, it draws in whatever direction it is moving in.  There are many different colors that change while the dove “paints.”

M.I.K. by Montgomery , Isabella , and Kerby

Survival by Iuliia., Faisal , and Maria. p6

THE DROPPER by Enzo, Lorenzo,p6

M.I.K. by Montgomery, Isabella , Kerby p.6

☺saucersmashbros☻ by Jonathan, Iddo, Riley P.6

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