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To The Polls We Go

Posted by David Fisher on 17th October 2010

Election day is just around the corner.  As this blog is about the happenings in and around my classroom, it would be inappropriate of me to discuss politics here save for the educational side of politics.  That’s where the polls come in.

Polls are a way to calculate and record the decisions that are made on a daily basis.  For example, our school cafeteria could provide the school with the number of students who select pizza every Friday over the course of a semester.  With that data, a class could determine many statistics: mean, range, and others.  Should the cafeteria provide a list of all selections over the course of that same time frame, a class could then determine trends, median, mode, and many other statistical items.

While these activities can prove to be quite educational, sometimes it’s just fun to ask some silly questions and see what answers you receive back.  Or, you could ask some questions related to favorites, hobbies, dreams, anything.  The bottom line here is that once you’ve asked that question to a group of people, a poll has started.  The one who asks can either enjoy the answers or use them for other things.

I choose to enjoy the answers!

Here are some questions that I would like you to answer.  Be honest with your answers, but have fun with them too.  Ready!

1. If you had all the money that you needed, what would you do?

2. If you weren’t in the career you’re in now, what would you be doing?

3. Who in the world of music would you like to spend a day with?  Why?

4. If you had the power to write a law, what would that law be?

5. What would you invent to make the world a healthier place to live?

I never said that the questions would be easy.  Select the one question that appeals to you the most.  Leave a comment with the answer to that question.  After I get the answers in, I’ll assemble them into some sort of easy to read post and let you know what the answers were.

So, it’s off to the polls we go!

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