The Screeching Owl


This is the classroom blog for Mr. Fisher from Waters Edge Elementary School.

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  1.   alaanis Says:

    I chose topic number four.If I had the power to write a law it would be………That every two months all students miss a week of school so that teachers have a week of catching up, like for instance ungraded papers.Teachers would have an entire week to finish grading ungraded papers,that way they would have the entire weekend all to themselves and they don’t have to worry about grading papers that they were supposed to give back to the students.But just because the students have a week off of school it does not mean they are not assighned homework.They can bring home their textbooks and study and email parents to make sure that they study.This is why I chose topic number four.


  2.   mitchell tobin Says:

    it is sherlock homes the investigater


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