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Hail To The Chief

Posted by David Fisher on 21st February 2011

It’s President’s Day!

As we stop to think about all of the trials and tribulations of our presidents, think about this: Which president do you look up to the most?  Why?

Take a few minutes to think about that and then let me know by leaving your reasons below.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted by David Fisher on 10th February 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve often wondered where this holiday came from.  Hallmark was my first guess!  Had I answered that way in Final Jeopardy I would have lost my shirt…

So, I did a little digging into the history of the holiday.  Boy, was I surprised!  I’d always known that this holiday celebrated the life of a Saint Valentine who lived in Rome in the third century.  It turns out that he didn’t always follow the rules and that led to his demise.

Around 270 AD the emperor of the Roman Empire declared that to create a stronger army, all single men had to join and could not get married.  Valentine, or Valentino as he may have been known, was a priest at that time.  Valentine believed that the new ruling was extremely unfair and continued to perform marriages for couples in secret.  His secret was eventually found out and Valentine was thrown in prison.  While there, as the story supposedly goes, he fell in love with with the jailer’s daughter.  Valentine often passed notes to the young lass with the now infamous signature line ‘From Your Valentine.’

After Valentine’s death, and his becoming a saint, the holiday perpetuated in the month of February.  Some believe it’s because it celebrates Valentine’s birth, while others believe it honors his death.  Even through the Middle Ages with all of its strife did the holiday persist.

So, now you know a little more about the history of this holiday.  The information that I used came from the History Channel web site, just in case you now have a strong yearning to find out more.

Enjoy your day of love, eat lots of chocolate, and tell your family you love them!

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