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The Spring Blog Challenge

Posted by David Fisher on 24th January 2011

As some of you may remember from the fall, I wrote about why I decided to participate in the Fall Blog Challenge.  The topics were already there for me, along with the date that each post had to be up by.  I thought that it was a great way to work into blogging on a consistent basis.

Well, I’m at it again.  This time, though, the Spring Blog Challenge 2011 has been created by me.  I took some time this past weekend putting together a list of topics that will carry us bloggers until the end of May.  Once again, I don’t have to come up with the topics, as I’ve already done that, but have given others the benefit of a list that can be used if so desired.  To take a look at that list, click here.

My hope with this list of topics is to broaden how we look at the integration of education and life.  For example, how the Super Bowl could become a math lesson, how spring training could become a math or history lesson, how the viewing of current events by our students is different than our view, or how we use vacation time to our benefit.  Taking this approach, I believe, let’s us, and our students, think differently about some items that we may not necessarily view in any other way other than our norm.

Having said that, let me connect this post to the first topic that I’ve listed: Where do I want to take my students?  Where have my students taken me?

I’ve always said that my job is to get my kids ready for middle school.  For some that means making sure that their academics are solid.  For others that means making sure that they’re organizational, social, and behavioral skills are where they need to be.  Not every child will follow the same path, yet my goal is to lead them to the same place.  That’s where I expect to take my kids as we move towards the end of this school year.

Where my students have taken me, or will take me, is still to be determined.  It’s hard for me to declare a final destination at this point knowing that we have so much more of our journey ahead.  What I know for sure, though, is that wherever we end up together, it will be someplace very different from where we started.

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Link for pictures

Posted by David Fisher on 14th January 2011

My camera has been working overtime during our visit to Washington.  Here is a link to my photos.  Enjoy!

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Washington, here we come!

Posted by David Fisher on 11th January 2011

Washington DC is about to be bombarded by the annual Palm Beach County Safety Patrol trip.  Approximately 1500 students, over the course to two weekends, will board an Amtrak train in West Palm Beach and ride north to our nation’s capital.

For the students this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip.  Traveling with their teachers, staying in a super hotel, and touring the sites for three days certainly beats spending that same amount of time in school and at home with the family.  What makes this trip even more special for some of our kids is that it may be their introduction to snow.  Yes, that frozen water concoction that drives motorists crazy all winter becomes a thing of beauty to a 10-year old from Florida.  It’s a sight to behold the throwing of a first snowball, followed by the return smack of receiving that first snowball.

If your child is joining me on this trip, and you would like to see some of the pictures taken by me and some of the other chaperons, check back here Friday night around 10 PM.  By that time I hope to have a link posted here for the pictures.

Until then, parents, enjoy your time with the rest of the family, or perhaps yourselves.

We’ll see you Monday!

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