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It’s A Paper Slide What?

Posted by David Fisher on September 27, 2010

Paper slide video.

For those of us who have had the pleasure of spending some time with Dr. Lodge McCammon, we know all about these paper slide videos.  For those who have not, here is a brief introduction. Paper slide videos are exactly what the name says.  Students create slides on blank paper, write scripts that explain the slides, and then the teacher videotapes the students delivering the script while moving the slides in time with the script.  The filming, though, takes place over the shoulder of the student sliding the slides, and the rest of the group is out of the shot delivering the script.  Still confused?  Have a look at this short demonstration of some paper slide videos my students made.  This should clear things up.

From start to finish these videos were made in under an hour.  The overall idea is really simple, yet brilliant.  Give the students a topic and let them create something that shows their mastery of that topic in a one-take video.  No real rehearsals; no special effects; no props other than the slides. Paper slide videos are an easy-to-incorporate technology project that any teacher can do.  All you need is a video camera and a computer.  If you can’t then project the videos onto a screen in your classroom, huddle around the monitor and watch them there, or post them onto the web for the students and parents. I’ll talk more about posting videos in a future post.

Recently I held two workshops on how to do paper slide videos for a professional development day.  One of my colleagues asked after a short introduction to the idea what is the value of paper slide videos.  After she and her partner completed one of their own, the value was very clear.  This is the type of project that will allow every child in your classroom an opportunity to participate.  It won’t matter if that child is average, gifted, or has a learning issue.  If you can write, draw, talk, and slide a sheet of paper from one pile to another, you can make a paper slide video.  These videos can be used as an enrichment activity, an alternative assessment, an alternative to the conventional book project, a way to demonstrate a science experiment through images, and so many other things.  I really believe that because this project is so easy to do, yet has the ability to deliver some very sophisticated results, it has to be something that every teacher should try.

After all, what’s the worst thing that can happen?  Yeah, I know.  Nothing works and you’re left holding camera with nothing to shoot.  In a case like that, do what we’ve all learned to do…wing it!

23 Responses to “It’s A Paper Slide What?”

  1.   Lee Kolbert Says:

    Fantastic, David! Thanks for sharing your expertise with us. You’ve shown how something so easy can be so exciting for the kids (and the kids in all of us).

  2.   Luis Says:

    I like it Mr Fisher.

  3.   Luis Says:

    How did you make the videos in the middle

    Does it involve thinking and great technology skills

  4.   Jordyn Says:

    Great video Mr.fisher! making all of our videos combines was really cool! :]

  5.   olivia Says:

    i think you should do a blog on advertisements. We all loved to make the commercials so i think you should share them with others and see if they would like to do the same thing. and i was in the paper slid video. 🙂

  6.   Nora(olivia's mom) Says:

    It was a great video. The class should do more projects like this. 🙂

  7.   Lu Says:

    I would defenetly show one of my friends this because it is educatinol and it does not only talk about how to do a paper slide show but you be specific on what you say. I think my friend would like this blog page

  8.   Caralyn Says:

    Hi Mr. Fisher,

    I would recommend this to a friend because she loves blogs and she goes to see blogs every day. When are we going to do another paper slide show?

    Maddy M. Reply:

    Our paperslide video was on the video that the whole world could see

  9.   colby Says:

    hi mr fisher i world recomend it to a friend because if you dont know what a paperslide show is you can learn and if you do know what it means you can learn even more!

  10.   maria Says:

    I would recommend this to my friend because it teaches you how to do a paper slide show in a very clear way.

  11.   Alyson Muller Says:

    This video is fantastic. How did you embed the YouTube on this website? I am going to show this to some of my students who are struggling with homophones and homonyms!

    David Fisher Reply:

    Thanks so much! With WordPress you simply place the URL for the video in the text as a single line between two paragraphs. When you publish the post it appears as it does here. As long as you can access YouTube from school, it’s an easy way to get video in the blog.

  12.   Allyson Says:

    Nice Mr.Fisher.I do recommend this to people who do not know how to do a paper slide video or would like to see one.

  13.   chase Says:

    i would recomend this to a friend because, it is about education and it would help you learn more in a fun way.

  14.   Anna Says:

    I would recomend this to a friend because this helps you understnd what a paper slide video is and how a paper slide video is made.I think you did a great job putting the paper slide videos together.:)

  15.   Giselle Says:

    Great post Mr.Fisher! I would definitly show this to a friend. You did a great job explaning what a paper slide show is. How did you put the videos in the middle?

  16.   Bonnie and Steven (Maddie's parents) Says:

    Mr. Fisher,

    Things like this show us time and again what makes you such a great teacher! We feel lucky to have had you teach all of our kids!! This is going to be a great year.

  17.   Maddy Says:


    I would recomend this blog to all my friends because it will teach us lots of things!! It will also be a learning experience. I cant wait for the next post and I cant wait to tell Caralyn and Judy that our paper slide video is on the blog. That was very EXCITING !!

  18.   Frances Manning Says:

    Thanks David for this post- a great idea! I hope you don’t mind but I had to blog about it! I want to try this idea with my students!

  19.   EmmaJ Says:

    The paper slide videos were very fun to do…i’m going to recommend this to my aunt because she’s a 2nd grade teacher;)

  20.   Carolyn Rains Says:

    Great job on the homophones paper slide show!

  21.   Kellie (Craiger's Mom) Says:

    Hi Mr. Fisher! I love the paper slide show. Very cool!! Craiger showed this to me and was wondering where the one is that he & Cole created. Is there somewhere else that I can find it? Thanks!