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The Whole Hoot and Nothing But The Hoot…

Posted by David Fisher on September 16, 2010

Yes, the title of this post is a bit unconventional.  Yes, the name of the blog is a bit unconventional since it is a fifth grade class blog.  And, yes, you will now get the whole hoot and nothing but the hoot!

As you, the parents, read this post, you’ll clearly see the play on words that I used in the title of this blog post. Intentional as it is, there is a point to its use.  We have already built up and filed away a plethora of phrases, words, idioms, etcetera, that we can easily call upon to help us understand what an author or individual is saying.  Children are still in the process of building their collections and may not fully understand the title’s meaning.  With a little help from you, it will be clear.  Again, intentional.

If you’re a regular blog reader, you know that the topics of bloggers run wild.  You will find topics that will interest you, not interest you, make you think twice about something, repulse you, and so much more.  You may even decide to take a few extra minutes and comment on a blog post thereby engaging with the text of the blog and its blogger, and everyone else who has already posted comments.  You might even talk to your friends about the blog, write about it on Facebook or Twitter, or just discuss at the dinner table.  If you don’t regularly read blogs, I hope this one will be your first, and the first of many.

I would imagine that you’re wondering how this blog connects to the classroom and your child’s education.  Remember, after all, that the information in a blog is only as good as the author.  Should the author be questionable in anyway, well, you get the idea.  Having said that, let’s connect some dots.  There has been much research done into the educational effects of blogging and using blogs in the classroom.  As it turns out, the research reports positive findings. Things like increased time spent on meaningful reading activities, increased time on writing activities, increased creative production from students, and the acquisition of technology skills are just a few of the items the research has reported as positive outcomes of blogs in the classroom.

One of the areas of reading that we often teach and discuss in the classroom is a reader’s interaction with text.  Incorporating this blog into the classroom is yet another way to create that interaction.  This interaction will also increase and modify the way that students interact with each other.  Face-to-face discussions happen daily.  They can now continue electronically at home.

I could go on and on about how the incorporation of this blog will help your children.  Instead, I want to bring you and your children into this world so that you can see for yourself.  I will be posting entries here on a regular basis.  The entries will not only provide information to you, but they may also be educational opportunities that I will want your children to engage in either at home or at school.  I will want your children to be guest bloggers here through writing completed in class and posted here by me.  Then you, the parents, will have an opportunity to comment on your child’s writing.

I truly believe that the possibilities of this blog are boundless as we move forward through this year.  I am very much looking forward to this journey, and I hope that you will join me.

Let’s take that first step together!

40 Responses to “The Whole Hoot and Nothing But The Hoot…”

  1.   Mrs. Kolbert Says:

    What an exciting thing to do with your students, Mr. Fisher. They are so lucky to be in your class and the experiences they will have with you are really going to prepare them for middle school and beyond. Your students and their parents will love your class blog. I hope our classes can be “blog buddies.” Good luck!

  2.   Kathleen Pantaleo Says:

    I am a tech integration specialist from LI, NY. I would love to use this blogpost in one of my classes explaining the use of blogging in education. Would you or your students mind if some elementary teachers from New York read what you have to say?

    David Fisher Reply:

    I wouldn’t mind at all! I hope you enjoy the blog. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  3.   alyssa Says:

    Hi how do you make a blog? Or is this how you do it?

    Maddie Reply:

    how do you make a blog? Great question

  4.   Madison Says:

    Hi everyone I finally got on after so much confusion!!! This should be a lot of fun! Bye! : )

  5.   Michelle (Sarah's mom) Says:

    Sounds great, looking forward to the blog this year. Great owl picture!

  6.   Luis Davila Says:

    Hey Mr.fisher I really liked what you wrote. you make it sound understandebel

  7.   Sarah (Allyson's Mom) Says:

    Mr. Fisher, thank you for this. I am eager to read the blogs that are posted. I can only imagine that all the students will benefit from the writing, the reading and the interaction with the other students…as well as parents and other “guest” bloggers. Most importantly, it is going to be so much fun!It’s going to be a hoot!

  8.   Luis Davila Says:

    Hey Mr.Fisher. I really liked what you wrote. What you write is understandable

  9.   Allyson Says:

    Wow Mr.Fisher, it is very great. It sounds like this will be fun.

  10.   Samantha Cahn Says:

    Michele, Samantha’s Mom
    Is this something we need to read daily? I am not one to sit on the computer and read blogs.

  11.   Madison's Mom Says:

    Should be fun, I am sure the kids are going to love it! 🙂

  12.   ignacio Says:

    Mr.Fisher i like the blog you wrote and cant wait until the next one!

    Luis Reply:

    Hey ignacio remember me

    Mr fishers writing is as great as he is

    Ignacio Reply:

    Hi Luis I remember

  13.   kyung Says:

    hey mr.fisher i am relly looking fowerd to your next blog and i loved what you wrote.

    Luis Reply:

    I am also kyung arent they gonna GREAT

  14.   Giselle Says:

    Hi Mr.Fisher, Great blog!!!

  15.   Alexandra (Giselle's Mom) Says:

    Hello Mr. Fisher,
    I cannot wait to see your students blogs!
    Will you teach them how to use some of the XHTLM tags too? 🙂

  16.   Mr. Cavanaugh Says:

    Looking good Mr. Fisher! Here’s hoping you have great success meeting your objectives in the classroom!

  17.   alyssa Says:

    This is so cool hey everyone!!!:]

  18.   Anna Says:

    Hey Mr. Fisher I loved your blog
    and I can’t wait to hear more about
    learning how to make a blog! 🙂

  19.   Alyssa Says:

    Hey cant wait to hear more Mr.Fisher and hey everyone!!!:] This is great. Your an amzing teacher!!!:] hey everyone

  20.   Luis Says:

    hey everybody I just done from doing homework

    I like it Mr Fisher

  21.   Luis Says:

    Mr Fisher can you teach all of your students/us to make a blog

  22.   Luis Says:

    how about all the steps together

  23.   Cole Says:

    Hey Mr. Fisher! I cant wait to start this looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for starting it! :]

  24.   alyssa Says:

    HEY! This is really cool hey Anna and jordyn and every one else. And mr.fisher

  25.   Jordyn Says:

    Hey! mr.fisher great blog!!! i cant wait til ur next one and hey alyssa!!!<3:]

  26.   Maddie Says:

    This is so cool none of my other teachers have ever done anything like this before. I am looking foward to commenting on this blog.

  27.   Abril Says:

    Hi Mr.Fisher, I hope you post another blog soon.It’s really good 🙂

  28.   colby Says:

    i love your blog and cant wait for the next one

  29.   Leah (Zak's Mom) Says:

    Im sure the kids are going to love this, I wish we had such technology when I was in school! (with the dinosaurs)

  30.   alaanis Says:

    Hey everyone this blog/website (whatever you want to call it) is great for communicating with classmates!Looking forward to useing this blog throughout the school year! 🙂

  31.   Ignacio Says:

    Mr.fisher i liked your blog again and cant wait untill the next one.

  32.   Kaylyn Says:

    I really liked this blogpost it was very good post !

  33.   Zak Says:

    Hey Mr. Fisher I would recommend this to my best friend Joey because he loves videos. I will tell him to check out your blog.

  34.   Kaylyn Says:

    I would reccomend this to a friend because it is a very cool way and fun thing to do in math and im sure my friend would love to see it and watch and be as instreted as i am with all the upcoming blogs !

  35.   Sarah Williamson Says:

    I would recomened this to a friend because it might intrest them and then they might goin our blog or even create her own.I would also recomened to show this to a friend because we worked hard on our blog and we should let other people see it.