Grassy Waters Elementary 4th Grade Chilling Day at MacArthur Beach!

30.1.2018 | 09:55

Hi Veronica, Rangers and Volunteers,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for an awesome, fantabulous day!!!

The students got so much out of the program.

The hands-on activities are so vital to the process of learning. Using the appropriate tools make it such a rewarding experience. Documenting with their data sheets make it a key to remember what they have seen, heard and touched.

The students were troopers with the weather (BRR!!!)

Seeing “King Henry” was a huge plus. I don’t think the kids will forget about him.  Great way to end the day.

KUDOS to you and your team!!!!!

Thank you for everything you do to instill positive learning experiences for our students.

Mark Golzbein

Grassy Waters Elementary 

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