Water Rangers at MacArthur Beach!

4.2.2016 | 15:57

We took our students from HL Watkins Middle to MacArthur Beach State Park and learned so much! We learned about the importance of the estuary, the oysters, the mangroves, and the multitude of life that resides within.

Our students got an up-close look at what Park Rangers do to protect our natural resources and educate the public. We may have changed a few minds on career goals!

We also took time to reflect and take in the beauty of the ocean and estuary around us and let it inspire us creatively. Many students connected to a sense of calm that only the ocean can bring, and we all left with refreshed hearts and minds.

Thank you to Miss Veronica, Ranger Art, Ranger Lu, and all the volunteers who helped to make our visit a wonderful experience!

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