Our day at MacArthur Beach State Park By: Miss Cedro’s Class

22.11.2011 | 09:38

We had an amazing time at MacArthur Beach State Park. My students were talking about the experience for days after!

Here are some of their first hand experiences:


I was working with the veneer and it was very easy. But some of the saves would not save and people had to keep plugging into the veneer. I was able to hit play and stop for the temperature probe. I was also able to test salt, water, light, and air. It was an awesome place and can’t wait to go back.


One day my class went to MacArthur Beach State Park. I was on a field trip. There were so many pretty experiences. What were they you ask? We were seeing clams for the first time, having sand not going in my hair, and looking at different types of animals. It was so much fun. I never used that type of equipment before. I loved it there!


MacArthur Beach State Park felt like a new world with lots of animals, bugs, insects, fish, manatees, and birds. I loved it there because you get to use the veneer and you get to be the photographer. We got to collect stuff and collect data.

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