bubbl.us is a free online brainstorming and mind mapping tool that lets you easily create a graphic organizer, concept map, mind map or organizational chart and then share your ideas with colleagues or classmates. The Flash & AJAX based interface make it really simple to use with only a browser – no downloads and all you need to create an account is an email address! You can save your sheets, print them as images or save them to your computer.

The Web 2.0 features provide you with either a link or the html embed code so you can post your work on a web page (Edline) or email a link. In the embedded example shown here, you can pan and zoom using the controls or the scroll wheel on your mouse.

There are many obvious uses in the classroom:

  • Identify existing knowledge
  • Identify relationships between concepts
  • Record facts & details as a pre-writing strategy
  • Brainstorming – collecting and connecting ideas
  • Timelines
  • Student collaboration
  • Sharing ideas with communities of users

Check it out and look for me on bubbl.us