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Recently,  Dr. Diane Ravitch the author of The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education (New York Times review here) sat down with Alan Gerstel from The Education Network in Palm Beach County to discuss her book, her views on educational reform, and how best to prepare schools to meet the challenges of the future. As a former policymaker and member of the administrations for both the  Presidents George H.W. Bush and Clinton, Dr. Ravitch has particularly interesting views on school reform, testing, and the impact reform efforts have had on teachers.

Below is the full interview which may also be seen on the local broadcast of The Education Network carried in Palm Beach County on Comcast channel 97.

It’s pretty exciting when the world’s third largest software company decides to produce a video case study that shows how our District, teachers, and students are using their software products for career preparation, for classroom learning, and for professional development for our teachers. So when Adobe Systems (makers of Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Flash, Connect Professional, and a host of others) asked to film our students, teachers, and staff we jumped at the opportunity to show off the great things that our District is doing with technology. 

The end result is a terrific video that is featured on Adobe’s website and can be seen right here in the video below. Thanks to South Tech Academy, Dreyfoos School of the Arts, and Emerald Cove Middle School for participating!


It’s always awesome to see our students doing amazing work, and we’re happy to share the good news–especially when it’s in the creative field. In the video below, you’ll see Brittany Bennett, a student at Dreyfoos School of the Arts, describing the work she did for the City of West Palm Beach in designing the poster to be used in next week’s local inauguration activities.

You can view a short video on the Palm Beach Post website where Brittany describes the process she went through in designing the poster here.

More here in this article from the Palm Beach Post.

Finally, for a better look at Brittany’s poster, visit the City of West Palm Beach Inauguration Events page.

Way to go Brittany! (And your teachers too of course.)

As many of you may remember, Lee Kolbert wrote an entry on September 2nd about a very rousing and motivational speech given by Dalto Sheman, an amazing student in Texas.   At the time the post provided a link to the video that was not viewable within our district’s network.  Someone recently reminded me of this young man so I thought I would re-post with a version than can be viewed from school!  Well worth sharing with your students!


The SDPBC Web site is very often the first impression to prospective employees, parents and students and represents the priorities of the organization to stakeholders.  Through the leadership of Deepak Agarwal (CIO), a presentation to the Superintendent’s Technology Committee demonstrated the need to provide consistent navigation and design, logical organization of content and use modern and efficient publishing methods to enrich the District brand through it’s Web presence and better serve all stakeholders.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation to STC with working links:

The SDPBC Web Redesign Project has been initiated through the Project Management Office (PMO) with the support of the Superintendent’s Technology Committee to:
Reorganize current District Web content by implementing a Web Publishing System that will provide standards, governance and support for departments to publish content in a consistent, organized and efficient manner in order to better serve all stakeholders and represent the District as an efficient and cohesive organization.

What does this mean for departments?
•    Ability to focus on content
•    Standardized templates and tools
•    Efficient utilization of staff resources
•    Reduced cost
•    Technical support
•    Part of a cohesive organization

Want to participate and learn more – attend a Stakeholder Workshop!!

Local television and YouTube sensation Damon Weaver from Canal Point/K.E. Cunningham Elementary has set a goal of interviewing President-elect Barack Obama at next year’s inauguration. But let’s allow Damon and his crew speak for themselves:

Now that you’ve seen the talented Damon in action (and let’s don’t forget the work of his dedicated teacher, Brian Zimmerman, who oversees the school’s KEC-TV and prefers to remain behind the scenes),here’s the big question:

What can you do to help his cause? It seems that funds are coming in, but it will take quite a bit of money to get Mr. Zimmerman and his students to Washington. Let’s see what they posted on YouTube:

Student reporter Damon Weaver, a student cameraperson, and two teacher chaperones will be going to the Inauguration in D.C. The students will create reports about their trip for their school. All of their reports will also be uploaded to this You Tube channel. Our school is still working on raising enough money for the trip. The entire trip will cost around $4,000. If you are interested in helping please make a check or money order to KEC/Canal Point Elementary and send it to:

KEC/Canal Point Elementary

Attention: Brian Zimmerman

37000 Main Street

Canal Point, FL 33438

For more info see this article in The Palm Beach Post that discusses Damon’s goal.

And for more Damon, you’ll want to see his full interview with Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade. Absolutely, positively worth the few minutes it takes to see Damon bring out the best in a sports star.