Kaleigh D.Today is take your kid work day and I am at work with my dad.  He works at the School District Office in the Educational Technology Department.

So while I am here I am going to blog about Brainpop. Brainpop is an informational website.

This website has two characters–one is a guy named Tim the other is a robot named Moby. They are the ones that teach you the information.

Brainpop can help you to study for a test.  Brainpop has all kinds of ways to study.  They have videos, games with information in them.  It has quizzes that help a lot too.

I think Tim and Moby make things easy to understand.  But some times Moby’s beeps are hard to make out.  You can learn about Science, Math, Art, Music, Social Studies, English, Health, and Technology.  You can basically type in anything you want to search for and it will give you a list of videos and resources about your topic.

Brainpop is good for grades 4th and up.  There is another website called Brainpop Jr.  That website is for grades 1st and up to 3rd grade.

I wish all my classes had me go on Brainpop all the time.  When a big test comes around now you know where to go.

I’m a serious softball player so I liked this picture of Moby talking about baseball. But they really should have a movie about girls playing softball, don’t you think? After all, girls rule!

Moby from BrainPOP