Back here, Kim recommended some terrific lessons and resources to help you teach about the upcoming elections. I’d like to add just a few more ideas for you to use.

Did you know if you log in to DE Streaming/MediaShare, and search for keyword: ELECTION, there are over 700 resources (videos, images, quizzes) for your use? In addition, while you’re there, click on the tab at the top labeled MEDIASHARE and then search for keyword: ELECTION. Here there are a few results with election related content created by teachers. There is one created by one of our own, Susan Osborne from Indian Pines Elementary. The beauty of MediaShare is that OUR teachers (anyone, that’s right, YOU TOO) an upload content to share with the rest of us. (If you have any trouble with your login, go to this page for information and a form to complete if you need further assistance.)

In a previous post, I recommended a video from CommonCraft that clearly explains RSS feeds. This one, also by CommonCraft , does a GREAT job of explaining the electoral process.