October News

We are thrilled to have our new teacher, Ms. Elder on board! All second grade teachers will be scheduling conferences to meet the teachers and update you on your child’s progress.

Our field trip to Kravis is Thursday October 22!! 🙂 🙂

In reading, we are meeting our characters. We have been using sticky notes to “spy” on them, what they are doing, saying, and feeling. We are using this to help us figure out how our characters solve the problems they are faced with.

In writing, we are using some of our favorite books and mentor texts to emulate the author’s writing style. We are working on unfreezing our characters, adding more details, and leaving the reader with a powerful ending.

In science, we are getting our hands on many activities and experiments about matter and the properties of matter.

In math, we are adding three numbers together in preparation for adding three digit numbers. Please continue to practice counting patterns from 0-1,000 (2s, 5s, 10s). You can also practice math facts 0-20 to build your child’s fact fluency.

Some great at home tech resources:

VMath Live

Ticket to Read




***Please sign up for your child’s Class Dojo! 🙂


Curriculum Night 9/9/15

Come join us on Wednesday 9/9 at 6pm for Curriculum Night 🙂

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Parents & Families!

We are stoked to be starting second grade with each of you!

Our first reading and writing units will be focused on launching the workshop. The workshop model gives your child more time to practice skills learned independently at their own level and pace. During the workshop, we are able to pull small groups to provide even more differentiated instruction. It is crucial that your child is reading and responding in their reading log at home every day.

In math, we are learning all about place value, number sense, and counting patterns. You can practice skills at home on V Math.

Our science unit opens with an overview of science inquiry skills and tools used by scientists. Now that Cypress Trails is a STEM school, we are proudly spending time learning about how these science skills are used in careers. These second grader are setting goals and preparing for a very stellar future!

Our social studies goals include learning and applying rules to be role model citizens within our classes, school, and community. You can help at home by discussing what it means to be a role model community member.

Thank you to all of you who attended meet the teacher and brought in the supplies. Our next big even will be Open House/Curriculum Night in September – look for more details in the future!

-The Second Grade Teachers-

Mrs. McGaw, Mrs. Davis, and Mr. Sikkema

Custom Google Search for African Savanna & Lion Research

Use this link to search teacher specified and approved websites for your African savanna and lion research.


Lion Country Safari Lion Information

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Check Out Cypress Trails – Home of the Lions!

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