Creating Miniature Movies with Photoshop Elements

In this episode from Palm Breeze Cafe I get the chance to show Lee Keller and Lee Kolbert methods for creating those quick projects that can be done even in a one computer classroom. Using Photoshop Elements and the Elements Organizer students can take that fourth or fifth step in the project process, combing their writing and research to demonstrate their understanding of an assigned topic by creating digital slideshow.

Projects like this can be done across the curriculum with careful foresight and planning and an eye on the learning objectives you’ve established for your students. Of course those components are required in any project-based learning experiences, but the value here is that the finished product provides that extra dose of motivation for your students as they create miniature videos that can be shared in multiple locations.

Welcome to the Creative Classroom Weblog!

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Welcome to The Creative Classroom Weblog!

This is our “Hello World” to let everyone know the new blog is up and running. And what exactly are we running? Glad you asked!

As this school year begins more than 70 Palm Beach County schools will be receiving a package of creative software tools known as the Adobe Digital School Collection (ADSC). The software titles being provided to schools were purchased with a federal stimulus grant and include Photoshop Elements 8, Premiere Elements8, Soundbooth CS4, and Acrobat Professional 9. These tools allow teachers and students to use digital images, video, and audio to express themselves and make strong connections with their classroom lessons.

This blog supports the ADSC rollout and the classroom teachers and media specialists who’ll be using this software with their students. We’ll be posting lots of great information and links here to lesson plans, tutorials, and ideas to help you incorporate digital creative tools into your classroom, so be sure to check back often as new goodies are offered! And of course, feel free to post your comments and questions here.

To help get you started The Education Network and Educational Technology collaborated this summer on the creation of over 10 hours of video based instruction on how to use the software and, more importantly, use it to meet your instructional objectives. These lessons are now encapsulated into online courses that you can take at your own pace. Two titles are available right now. Just login to our TrainU learning management system using the same credentials you use to sign onto your computer. The two courses listed below are available now. (Soundbooth CS4 and Acrobat Professional will be ready beginning on September 15th.)

Photoshop Elements 8 in the Classroom (photo editing and graphic design)

Premiere Elements 8 in the Classroom (video editing and video podcasts)