Great New Professional Development Offerings from the Adobe Education Exchange


The good folks over at the Adobe Education Exchange have been incredibly busy with some new professional development offerings geared for teachers at all grade levels. Keeping with the theme of promoting creativity in the classroom, Adobe is offering a ton of new training materials for use by teachers. You’ll need a free Adobe ID to enroll in these courses.

I especially like these self-paced workshops that address creativity in the classroom on a macro level:

And as you’d expect, you can also find product-specific professional development courses from Adobe as well, including lessons on Photoshop and Premiere Elements, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, and many others.

In addition to the self-paced workshops you’ll also find the complete listing of all the great live events that Adobe offers via the Ed Exchange as well as recordings of  past workshops offered by Adobe Education Leaders.

So head on over! If you’re an educator in Palm Beach County you’ll soon see some of these courses in use for workshops our department will offer that allow you to earn in-service points.



How to Call Lightning from the Sky with Premiere Elements

Lightning bolt effect in Premiere ElementsI had a lot of fun creating this video tutorial for Premiere Elements 8. I mean come on. What student hasn’t thought of lightning striking their teacher at some point?

In this lesson, Effects Potpourri for Premiere Elements you’ll learn how to stretch and control time as well as how to use the fun effects included with the program to do things like this, where the famous scene from Caddyshack is duplicated to demonstrate how multiple effects can be applied to a video clip. In this case the Lightning Effect and Find Edges effect were combined for some fun, creative purposes.

Whether you ever want to really call lightning from the sky (and have a good instructional objective in mind for why you want to) or not, combining effects in Premiere Elements is pretty easy.

The video linked above will take you to one of the 14 lessons included in our Premiere Elements in the Classroom curriculum. Teachers in Palm Beach County can enroll in the class by following that link, or click here.

Teachers outside Palm Beach can view this lesson and the entire Premiere Elements curriculum at the Adobe Education Exchange.


Create a Student Silhouette with Photoshop

I really like this video tutorial from Nicole Dalesio of Fairlands Elementary School in Pleasanton CA. This is an awesome lesson that shows just how easily you can achieve great results in just a few minutes of work. In this case Nicole shows how to create a silhouette from a digital photo and how you might use the images with your students in Language Arts or Reading classes.

Although this tutorial is for Photoshop, the same techniques can be used with Photoshop Elements 8.

Nicole and hundreds of other teachers are posting lessons like this one at the new Adobe Education Exchange. If you haven’t joined this group you really should! There are lots of great resources being posted every day and all you need to do to sign up is create a (free) Adobe ID and away you go.

On to the tutorial (click the Play button to watch) and be sure to read Nicole’s notes below the video.

Photoshop for Kids: Silhouettes from magrelacanela (Nicole) on Vimeo.

Photoshop for Kids(of all ages) Here’s a great Photoshop project that’s great to do with kids or adults, and is suitable for just about any level of Photoshop user. This can also be modified as you like to work into a language arts lesson if you add words or pictures on top of the silhouettes.

Enjoy, and if you make any silhouettes of your own using my tutorial, please send me a link/copy of what you did to add to my collection.