Eleven Classroom Creativity Killers

This article from Marvin Bartel has some great tips on the kinds of classroom activities to avoid. Among these creativity killers are:

  • Assigning grades without feedback
  • Demonstrating instead of helping students do hands-on practice
  • Showing an example instead of defining a problem
  • Encouraging freedom without focus.

As the author states:

This is my confessional as a teacher.  Most of what I learn in art and in teaching is direct result of mistakes I make. I become aware of problems after something happens.  I get into habits that are hard to break.  It is hard for me to see an issue until it presents itself in the form of failure.  Every student is different, so teaching is never an exact science.  I am tempted to be pleased if a few of my students do well.

Read the full article here: Eleven Classroom Creativity Killers.