Hope-Centennial Elementary School

December 15, 2015 | | Comments Off on Hope-Centennial Elementary School

5th graders and their teachers had an unforgettable day¬†exploring Life in the Estuary. Ms. Veronica and staff created a hands-on field experience that had the students engaged the whole time. Some of the information presented was challenging, but the students could see, feel and investigate, so that the learning became crystal clear! They are still talking about the detritus and try to use that word all the time! 20151109_10140420151109_120017¬†We have posted lots of pictures to our school’s web page and we have created a bulletin board in the hallway so all the classes can see the photos and read about the experience. Our 5th graders have also become pen pals with a school in Kenya where we are sharing conservation concerns. The 5th graders have written to their pen pals about the sea turtles, the estuary and MacArthur State Park. We have taken the experience globally! Thank you again.