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4 responses to “Photos and Events”

8 08 2009
  Liz Nahom (00:54:12) :

Good to see you going strong! Miss you and I hope all is going well.


22 09 2010
  Bekah (16:57:26) :

This looks really cool, Ms. Phillips! I can’t wait for Potluck and to see myself in that picture!!!


foresthillhs_chorus Reply:

Thanks for checking the site out…glad you like it!!! You’ll be there soon!! It will be a fun night!! Thrilled to have you in class!!


20 02 2011
  foresthillhs_chorus (20:01:57) :

thanks for checking in…trouble with posting all of the girls’ music…hopefully I’ll have the other tracks for Seal Lullaby on later tonight…SOP I is there…check back and practice SOP II…
Thanks…happy singing!


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