Disney Taping…here we go!

19 09 2009


Great work on our Disney Taping last Thurs., Sept. 17th, yet we ARE going to TAPE AGAIN (due to some technical issues)…on MONDAY – PLEASE CHECK IN WITH YOUR 7TH PER. TEACHER AND THEN REPORT TO THE AUDITORIUM FOR A FINAL TAPING !!!  It is IMPERATIVE that you do all in your power to be there.  Plan on the following:

1) dark blue/black shirts & jeans

2) bring your first fair share payment of $20, just in case our shirts arrive (Per. 1/Singing Falcons and Per. 7/D-20 students – please stop by during your lunch period on Monday to receive your shirts (if they arrive) and your pass for release during 7th period.

We will PLAN on recording from 2:45pm – 4:30pm (at the LATEST…if we’re done early, you can go home!!) 

Phone calls & emails are being sent to you this weekend, so please  help spread the word !!!

See you MONDAY !!!

Thanks for your hard work, Falcons !!!  Keep it up!!!



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